Consent to personal data processing

The personal data owner (hereinafter referred to as "PDO") gives his/her consent to Direct Rates, LLC to his/her personal data processing (hereinafter referred to as "the Consent"). The personal data owner agrees with the following conditions:

  1. PDO personal data is processed in compliance with the Federal law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" and GDPR.

  2. PDO confirms, that he/she is at least 16 years old. PDO gives his/her Consent to personal data processing with the use of automation means.

  3. PDO confirms, that all data, specified by him/her, pertains personally to him/her.

  4. PDO confirms, that he/she has acquainted and agreed with the Personal Data Processing Policy, which is available on the Internet website *

  5. PDO provides his/her personal data in the scope, required for the fulfilment of the personal data collection purposes, and does not provide any personal data, related to the personal data special category or referring to the biometric personal data.

  6. The Operator is not liable for the information, provided by PDO in generally available forms.

  7. The site visitor agrees to the processing of his personal data as long as necessary.

  8. The PDO's personal data blocking is carried out at the moment when PDO or his/her legal representative makes a relative request. The right to make a request of blocking is also provided to the body, entitled to protect PDO's rights.

  9. The Consent may be revoked by PDO through submission of a written application to the Operator with specification of the data, determined by the Article 14 of the Federal law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data", at the address: 620026 Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, 36 Engelsa st., of. 1301 to the name of the Director of Direct Rates, LLC, or by e-mail through sending the application by e-mail to the address:
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